The OFFICIAL name change request thread


is this actually you or your 9 years old brother?


wats up dj auzzi how you doin, and to answer ur question xenon13, my brother is the one who was being a crap mouth on these forums pissing everyone off for no apparent reason. I would like to apologize to everyone for his actions. He seems really smart for his age, and he is actually really smart for being a crapmouth but he gets in trouble at school almost every time for being an annoying little brat. He is actually almost 10 his birthday is coming up shortly.


The reason I changed my name is because I took my old phone away from my brother and now have 2 users. One user is TSR and one isn’t. I probably won’t be changing my name ever again.


He’s only a kid and doesn’t really give a crap about anything. I am actually 16 years of age


@OnTheFrontLine can you change my name from ryry88 to mccaul88


Change: lucas_mx -> TBR_lucasmx


@THR_Birdshaw can you change name of TSR_Bell889 to Bell889


Change is done


That name appears to be taken


Got it changed


Can i get a name change from THR_Bandit22 to THR_TacoBandito for some reason when i connected to my fb account to change my pp, my name went from THR_TacoBandit back to THR_Bandit22 :frowning:. Cheers


Got you fam




Ma man :metal:


Can you change my name from bstnboy2 to DJBoston @JoeW723


Can you change my name from MotoBadass99 to Remos


Can you change my name from MotoBadass99 to Remos. Please and cheers.


@OnTheFrontLine or @THR_Birdshaw can you change name of Vercettiman to TSR_Vercettiman. pls
angelocampo to TSR_Angel.


Good to go


@OnTheFrontLine can you change my name from patr66 to TCS_Strile34