The OFFICIAL name change request thread


hahahah what the heck, nice try buddy.


Hahaha look at this :joy::+1::+1: @Zse743


Yeah, we have been pretty vigilant in here about providing proof before a name change. Usually when they come from in here It’s pretty easy to see if the account belongs to them.


That’s why they didn’t ask on here that’s like a first sign, if Zse743 ask on here we would know its him bc his username is the same on here


That’s pretty bazaar :joy: People trying to be me, fakes


Dude you hacker!!! Give the poor guy his account back!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: seriously though that guy must be really desperate :joy:


@THR_Birdshaw please remove JOKERZ name from Zeeshan_JOKERZ as he is not a team member of JOKERZ yet thanks…


You gotta give it to him. He’s not going for the regular Joe schmoes account. He’s going straight to the top.


Hmm… problem is that his username without the JOKERZ is taken. Can you get in touch with him?


No I dont know him, See if u can put Zeeshan_Abar


Requesting name change from papipit to 01PLOKZ1978 @OnTheFrontLine


Can you please change his name from asifracing to Asif_JOKERZ.


@THR_Birdshaw let the Zeeshan_JOKERZ be the same for now, he is from my city so leh me check with him maybe he wants to join JOKERZ…


They can change it from.
@OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw
THR_duke724 ->> TM_duke724
Thank you


Stealing my guys, eh? I’ll get it


Will not hunt anyone out of a team.
If they come voluntarily is ok for me.
Ask specifically who are not in a team.


Just curious to know, how come my name is the same when I race people but when I go back to look at times, it’s what’s it’s suppose to be?


That happen to me and then it changed back to old username so I had to get it changed agian and now it stayed


They can also change this, please
GhostHacker ->> TM_GhostHacker217


It happens… can’t say more than that bc I’m not sure what causes it. Sometimes Its multiple devices and or social media.