The OFFICIAL name change request thread


It has been changed


@OnTheFrontLine my dude can i get a name change from THR_Bandit22 to THR_TacoBandit cheeeeeeeers


Good to go


Legend. :metal:


Can anyone change his name from Zeeshan_JOKERZ to any thing you would like :joy::joy: and please inform @IRC_JOKERZ if anyone wants to join team JOKERZ before changing their name. :v:


@OnTheFrontLine can you change the name of

TCR_Juan_PR to TSR_Juan_PR




Kindly post screenshot of his permission :wink:


I don’t know how, he told me he doesn’t want to be the only TCR member


So he never said he wanted to join TSR instead :thinking: if he told you what he wanted you can just screenshot that and post it here


he told me he would rather be in TSR then be alone in TCR


Ooooh okay… Well just screenshot it and post it here :slight_smile:️ that’s all the confirmation needed


I don’t know how


This is like the gift that keeps giving :joy::joy::joy:


What type of phone do you have maybe i can tell you how too


You go to where he told you… Then:

-on android hold volume down and power button at the same time for screenshot

-on iPhone home button and power button (i believe but i don’t have an iPhone so might be wrong)


That’s right


And then when you managed to take the screenshot you post it here by using the button in the red circle on the screenshot below :grinning: (i stated it in the screenshot again if it wasn’t clear enough already :grinning:)


I’m about to put a stop on name changes. Some people are trying to trick us into changing their name and stealing other people’s accounts.

If this garbage continue then we just won’t do name changes anymore. Giving you all a heads up now.

@THR_Birdshaw ^


That’s pretty stupid we can see Zack still has the same username, and we will notice a change from his riding. And its not that hard to detect it. Everybody needs to play the game right and quit begging for so much.