The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Hey @THR_Birdshaw, could you change my name from YG_TRX450R to any of the other names I posted in order, whatever is available


I removed the YG ages ago be put you in YZsomethingsomething an hour ago. :+1:


it’s still not showing it as changed in game


Try killing your game


Still didn’t work


That happens just beat your time next jam week you’ll be set for sure



I talked to him in person he wants his name changed
Escondida1 YZF_Escondida1


also this guy


haxon22 YZF_haxon22


And btw its fine with trx lol


@THR_Birdshaw, @OnTheFrontLine or @JoeW723 could change name of bell889 to TSR_Bell889_MI


@JLaRue4 got yours too.


could you change name of YG_RORRO TO TSR_RORRO


Thanks birdshaw


Can you change name of TSR_HULK333 TO TSR_Marcos_RD,
TSR_JbraXAbdo to TSR_Jabra_Abdo


Hey yo justin, could you change my name from “OnTheFrontLine” to “UnderDJauzzi” please, thanks @OnTheFrontLine




I just tried to change it, but it kept auto correcting to “FrontLinesBitch”

Not sure whats up with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you xhange name of SRT_JITBallot to TSR_JITBallot