The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Yea I see it as YZF now


Nice!!! Thanks man


@THR_Birdshaw or other, I have two new team members, if you could add them for me it would be awesome!
haxon22 to YZF_haxon22
Escondida1 to YZF_Escondida1


Thanks man you are the best!


how will we know if they gave you permission to change their name. You will need to show a picture of their permission.


:+1: ill send the screen shots when I get home and have wifi




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Sorry, I did not know that these were teams, I’m hardly ever on this forum. I also sent out a change request to a bunch of people because I didn’t know who to send it to. Please forgive me for joining without permission.


Want to be YZF?


Not much of a Yamaha guy but sure


Hi @JLaRue4, if you could have my name changed from YG_TRX450R to YZF_TRX450R or YZF_Powermadd or even YZF_ProArmor would be fine


@THR_Birdshaw is the guy you need not jlarue :grinning:


I’m the guy EVERYONE needs!


I know @THR_Dutchman but I didn’t know if they’d be ok having trx in the name being that it is a yzf team. I was just gonna let him pick my name


I’m gonna have to disagree with that :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You’re right. It’s mainly your mom.


I’ll ask my mom what she thinks then


I meant Douchemans mom tho. But your mom might need me aswell


Oh, haha