The OFFICIAL name change request thread


It’s just that us people at the forum here don’t know who you talk to outside of the game… Now there’s confirmation that he told you he wants to join… @THR_Birdshaw can change it for you :+1::+1::+1:


Got it


And you aswell




I wanna add more TBR

  1. edsonvieira -> TBR_Penujo
  2. Robinsonpetshop -> TBR_PegaoPombo
  3. Alexsandromesi -> TBR_Alexsandromessi
  4. lucas_mx -> TBR_lucasmx
  5. LucasMTX -> TBR_SAMU192



Someone asked in bad faith to put this nick Babacaviado.
Can you tell who asked that?

Change back this. because Babacaviado mean Asshole in english.

Babacaviado -> laioxbsy.


Do you have any form of confirmation for the names? Cause i mean i wanna add zse and bragstad and sixfootseven and all those people to THR but they probably don’t want that which is why you need some confirmation by the names themselves :slight_smile:️… And 2nd point number 3 in your list is well outside of the 15 character limit so he’s gonna have to come up with something shorter :grinning:


We have a group in WhatsApp.
So the messages are in portuguese.



Now with 15caract.
Alexsandromesi -> TBR_Equipestufa



I think I got them all now.


@THR_Birdshaw, @JoeW723 can you change name of TSR_HULK333 TO TSR_Marcos_RD , and TSR_JabraXAbdo to TSR_Jabra_Abdo


You forgot 1 nick.

  1. lucas_mx -> TBR_lucasmx


Hi @THR_Birdshaw can you change the names
Much thanks in advance


Birdshaw? Anybody?


Haha patience my dude… It’s 1:30 am where birdshaw is… He’s probably asleep :sleeping: he’ll get it done for you man just have a little patience :+1::slight_smile:


Oh I didn’t know on his profile it said last seen 20 minutes ago so that’s why haha


Haha yeah he’ll probably get it fixed for you like tomorrow or something… I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:


Keep your goddamned pants on! :grinning::fu:

I can’t find your name in the system. Can you look it up and tell me exactly what it reads


Weird cause I found him with LT_JLaRue4 and gave him a follow


Yeah, scratch that. It was a hidden space that did it.