The OFFICIAL name change request thread


You dont need frontline for that. The only reason I can add tags is that I can change names. I’ll get it sorted.


Thanks its fixed now


can you change name of RoRRo187 to TSR_Rorro





Hahahaah. I did it this morning. Not really awake. But just to be clear, is that the right guy and I only need to change the tag, or have I just fucked up completely?


@JoeW723 requesting name change from Fast450
–> YG_TRX450R


@THR_Birdshaw requesting name change from Fast450 --> YG_TRX450R


I’m sorry, but I think your jam time would need to be improved by around 9 seconds in order for them to let you in.


Touche, boss


@THR_Birdshaw how about a change from Fast450
–> PowerMadd_450 or Powermadd_113


these gotta go, they are not on the team.


I was wondering why i posted faster times than a YG tag haha makes sense now lol


Yeah, well ppl shouldn’t ask me to do things at shit in the morning.


really RORRO will be TSR_RORRO


hahaha its all good :+1:


Can you change my name from umber8 to m4suk4ti


Hey, could I get a name change from Big_Mike14 to Mike_1441?


Hola , necesito cambiar a Bruno356 a LP_Bruno356, gracias


Since he’s not following you, how could he possibly have told you that he wants to join your team? :thinking:Get him here so he can confirm before birdshaw changes names against peoples wills


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