The OFFICIAL name change request thread


I’m just playin with yall, it’s my 2nd user. Could ya plz change it brotha.


Just like YG_Bragstad is my 2nd user and WFO_ZSE743 is my 3rd one :grin::grin::grin:… How would they check if it’s your 2nd user… It may have sounded a little more plausible if you just said that the first time…


Remeber on my forum account when I used to have the big guy with the orange shirt as my profile, that is the profile that I’m using on my 2nd account.


It IS in fact his alt account, it is very apparent when I look at his profile.
I’ve changed it @Marko_Jovanovic, but It’s the last one in a while.


thx bro


joew723 I want to change my name from fancysoldier807 to ☆JUMP51☆ CAN you help me??


If you’ll stop yelling. Its done.


Unfortunatelly you forgot some nicks.
And now I wanna to add more TBR

  1. edsonvieira -> TBR_Penujo
  2. Robinsonpetshop -> TBR_PegaoPombo
  3. Alexsandromesi -> TBR_Alexsandromessi
  4. lucas_mx -> TBR_lucasmx
  5. LucasMTX -> TBR_SAMU192



Hi friend, the maximum number of characters is 15.
maybe @OnTheFrontLine or @JoeW723 change name to


Thank you for the information.


De nada


Birdshaw I have a question, there is this user called Dval, it seems that he is logged of the game. When ever I change my flag to like Russia it shows that he has the same flag but it doesn’t say Russia under it. By the way this happens to both of my users TSR_Havana14 and TSR_Oodnadatta when I change the flags on both of the users. Dval is not my account I swear, I just want to know why it shows the same flag as my other two accounts which are TSR_Havana14 and TSR_Oodnadatta


@OnTheFrontLine or @JoeW723 can you change Travisthomas11 to Master72


Master72 is already taken. Anything else you’d like?


I’ll think about it


KingT72 @OnTheFrontLine


Hey birdshaw, REPLY TO MY POST BRO! It has been a day.


Dude, I DO do other stuff besides hanging around in here and Sometimes I just read a post without replying to it right away. Then my kids ask me a question about IDK mud or something, and then I forget all about it.
Regarding to your question I don’t have an answer for you. Im not even sure I completely understand it.


I think this is what he means, the flag doesnt have the name of the country underneath it, not sure what the rest of the question was supposed to mean :thinking:


@OnTheFrontLine you changed my name from Travisthomas11 to KingT72 the other day and when I logged into facebook it changed it back to Travisthomas11. And @THR_Birdshaw it took my team THR tag away so when its fixed I’ll ask you to get me hooked up agian