The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Got it changed for ya


@OnTheFrontLine Can you change name of TCR_Capnjazzer TO TSR_Capnjazzer


@OnTheFrontLine can you change name of 06092015 to AnthonyM


The name AnthonyM is already taken


Got it changed



The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR

MaxxxPower to TSR_MaxxxPower @OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw Please.


Got it


Good to go :slight_smile:


Please change the name.
@OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw
gradsterz – >> TM_gradsterz
Thank you


It has been changed


@OnTheFrontLine my dude can i get a name change from THR_Bandit22 to THR_TacoBandit cheeeeeeeers


Good to go


Legend. :metal:


Can anyone change his name from Zeeshan_JOKERZ to any thing you would like :joy::joy: and please inform @IRC_JOKERZ if anyone wants to join team JOKERZ before changing their name. :v:


@OnTheFrontLine can you change the name of

TCR_Juan_PR to TSR_Juan_PR




Kindly post screenshot of his permission :wink:


I don’t know how, he told me he doesn’t want to be the only TCR member


So he never said he wanted to join TSR instead :thinking: if he told you what he wanted you can just screenshot that and post it here