The Official MSMX2 Team Rosters


You can join THR but only if you can finish braap (first career track) in under 2 minutes :joy: just say your ingame name and what you want your THR one to be and @THR_Birdshaw will get it changed when he’s home i think


Whats ur ingame name dude? Be nice to have another THR in strayya!


Looking for Team
Also open Team ™


Motocrossr25, I haven’t Played in a couple months but started getting back into it recently and been up in the there in my state and country.

Just change it to THR_Motocrossr31


You have a 15 char limit when it comes to your name my dude. But @THR_Birdshaw will get ya sorted when he gets time. :metal:


Its a bit too long, mate


Is THR_MotoR31 all good?


Yeah man, Welcome. Join THR - super secret Public page if Youre on Facebook.


Thanks Brotha, much appreciated, so your able to change my name ??


Yep they can do that


Sounds good, thank you very much again, glad to be here.

Just Tell me when the name is changed.


It should already be changed. It just wont update untill you beat your time


Yo man it’s mundey10


@Dqvee here can you watch what Team do youu want join


Looking to join THR if Birdshaw is okay with it.


Let’s welcome your team to the boy


@THR_Birdshaw while you’re at it @Blucru562 wants to join as well :grinning:


Got you all set up. Come join us on Facebook at THR - super secret Public page.


@Blucru562 Whats your ingame name?


My ingame name is Dqvee :slight_smile: thanks man I appreciate it!