The Official MSMX2 Team Rosters


Btw, I make $600 a week profit playing so it is possible to make good money, and it’s fun so keep playing bro💪🏼


@YG_DJAuzzi how much cash you spend each week though? :scream: Y’all are to fast for me to play cash challenges. Y’all wax my ass every time :joy:


@Jwelch121 Hahah man the $600 is all profit!! I suck at challenges too…scrubs has those on lock. I’m makin my money from dailies and cash jam😎


Yeah that’s where y’all wax my ass :joy::joy::scream: but damn dude. That’s what’s up! Most I’ve won was a little over 100.


Can I join?


sure, whats your name in game


Never mind bro. Just seen the time requirements. I’m a little off. My username is jwelch121 though if you just want to add me on the game


Haha I know right I stopped playing the challenges because of that guy lol


He’s a beast


The THR time requirement is a sub 2 minute time on braap😀


Or beat birdshaw in vs. (They’re both just as difficult)


TM Team





Holy hell! I have a baguette and some wine and this place turns to shit!
I have deleted a whopping 60 replies and consider the matter closed.
I don’t know what to belive (Well I do, but That’s beside the point), but either way, @Marko_Jovanovic If this marks a more mature way of posting from now on, I’m happy. But if it doesn’t, the line is getting real close.


thank you birdshaw, I am trying explain to dutchman that my 9 year old has been coming on these forums and messing with you guys which I am truly sorry about. I will make sure that he won’t able to come on here anymore. Birdshaw, I was wondering if you could please advise dutchman to stop using foul language because that is not the way to spend ur time on a forum. I hope you understand thx


I got something how about you create a new account new everything, your own name and log out every time your finished andIf this Marko your brother keeps on we will see if its true because he will do it on this account


Did i miss anything :joy::joy:


Yeah @THR_Dutchman you’ve been told :joy:


Guys… please stop.


Hello, I’m pretty good at MSM2, I’ve been playing since the very first day of release in Feb. 14, I was wondering if I could join a team like THR? Or any other team of that tier.

I’m usually top ten in Australia and top 1000 in the World.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: