The Official MSMX2 Team Rosters


Technically i replied to Sam’s post :grinning: but if you wanna know why it’s because I’m getting kinda tired of the fact that even after all those discussions you’ve had on here, still the only thing you do is asking for birdshaw to put time in to changing your name over and over, it’s not fun that way man :grimacing: can you not, just for once, have a good time on here and just chat or joke around with the other people or something?


Hello Marko, this time I’ll tell you no. I do not think you’re clear on what this is about. It’s just a game. You have changed your name at least 6 times, many other team and discussed with almost the whole forum. I do not want a player like that in my team, even if you were the best, your attitude and maturity do not fit into LP. I am sorry.


Hej er det muligt for mig at blive medlem af THR team


Det kan du tro. Meeeen vi har skrappe krav… du skal kunne gennemføre Braap på under to minutter.

Jeg kan tilføje et tag til dit navn. Hop på THR - Super secret Public page, så vi kan holde svensken lidt i skak😀


OK Murdock, if that’s the case then I will stop playing this games because I have better things to do then sit on this god damn computer and chat with a bunch of older dudes.


Dutchman, I am not changing my name anymore, I’ll just stop playing this damn game and do something of better use.


Birdshaw is 34, he can be my dad. dutchman is probably the same age. Murdock your saying that I’m not mature, look at these 2 clowns


Sam Meci seems to be the only cool guy on this forum, and I respect him.


Actually I’m 18 and “these 2 clowns” are just trying to keep the forum a fun place :slight_smile:
Anyways i hope you’ll keep playing the game… It would be a shame to abandon a fun game like mad skills for something like a discussion about a pointless thing as virtual names :grimacing:


I"m just saying that I have better things to do then play this game all day. Dutchman don’t you have better things to do then play this game forever.


Oh i absolutely do :grinning:

I just read that part as permanently stopping to play the game… And I hope you won’t do that :slight_smile:


I’m just saying that no one can accomplish anything by playing this game all the time. You can make a few dollars but it isn’t enough.


Dude just play the game and have fun there is no need to freak out like this over a name


Thanks LaRue.


Hahah im making more than most of my friends that work (19year olds) with playing this game, get your facts straight



C’mon dude, the team on the forums have alot to deal with without the unneccesary drama, just grind ya heart out and better your times each week Like the rest of us try, i cant play cash jams so u make that much more outta the game than I do lol. Dont leave the dynasty because of a name Dude.


So who’s going to let join a team? :joy:


You can join the team you want, asking first if you can enter or meet the requirements.


Hey im cool