The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Big thanks to @MrSilverfox and all of the Gumbler and Turborilla staff for making this happen! For the first Mad Skills event ever, I’d say it went pretty much flawlessly! Some top notch guys!


@Bragstad @TCR_DJAuzzi_CA @Master52 that was great to watch you guys on that tough ass track. Super cool. Everyone involved killed it good job guys.


Man that was insane…haha did u see the track me and zse had to do? Easily hardest track i’ve ever raced on


It was a total crap shoot, but dammit if it wasn’t the most exciting round in the whole champs.


Yes… The hardest track i ever seen!!!:scream::scream::scream:


That round with you and zse was crazy technical! Super enjoying to watch. Congrats in a job well done!


@THR_f1ftyone yeah that track was sick! But so fun👍🏻


That’s the spirit. It’s coming to cash modes next week so all others can enjoy the beauty of Fever :slight_smile:


What was the winning time again. Best I can do is 1:48😀


For Fever? I think JCooper tried it later and did a time for 1:26


So close! :grinning:


So very close :rofl: I love that track even though it’s nuts


Im not a huge fan, but that’s no surprise. I really like Gold Rush, however. Who did that one?


Cliffy did that one. It’s a fun track.


They should make it a two lapper and put it in jam. @JoeW723


Yeah I think that was the best round for all the viewers. Obviously im saying that cause i won haha but even if i didn’t, that was an awesome way to finish the elimination round and go into the final. Goodjob Zse


Thanks a lot man!


I suggest we should get sponsors for the next tournament.


We are still discussing this, but a free track pack with all the WC tracks is most likely. Hopefully in the next big update.


If they did stage qualifying it would bring in more money to the world championship. Give one (playoff spot) or WC spot to the top guys in cash jam an regular jam every month with overall times. Now there would be 24 @ the WC. Split them into 2 groups and the winner of each group goes head to head for a lot more money.