The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Hi all! Been away for a week so there’s a lot of unanswered questions. I’ll answer them each separately :slight_smile:

  1. Who gets the special helmet and when?
  2. Format for the World Championship
  3. Broadcasting details of the World Championship

I’ll start with no1 here. The special exclusive helmet is for the Top 1000 in the World Championship qualifier. As you know there were 4 differentt categories in this (Dailies, Cash Jam, Challenges and Week Jams).

The helmets will be given out in the exact same way as the top 12 invited players and also in that order.

  • 250 from Dailies
  • 250 from Cash Jam
  • 166 from Cash Challenges
  • 334 from Regular Jam

How does this work in the real world? We will go way down in the Regular Jam list as most of the top guys in both Dailies & Cash Jams also were in the top 334 in Regular Jam.

The list is being compiled now and we wil start rolling out the exclusive helmet in the upcoming days.

2 and 3 is being posted in a separate thread that is only for the World Championship details to not confuse it with the qualifiers.


Tats weak sauce.


I suppose stranger things have happened than pirates of a Free Game? It will be interesting to see how or if the rest of the top players are able to play in a controlled environment situation with identical devices. Would suck for them if they managed to fake their way into the WC tourney with some sort of coded foolery and then couldn’t perform on the same level that got them there, while everyone is watching.


I highly doubt there are any samies at the WC. But time will tell.


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like someone who is capable of pirating or modding the game the way that he did would also be capale of using a mod to slow down gameplay or something else to make gameplay easier. I kinda wish he was going to be at the WC’s so we could see what skill he actually has (or doesn’t have)


I have no doubt that he has the skill


You are probably right. I guess it’s more that once someone’s honesty is questioned, it makes you wonder just where they drew the line


He IS right. Svendsgard’s skill set is atm probably only paralelled på ZSE.


Word. Do you expect to see anyone exposed at the WC’s?


Nah. I think they have the right 12. They have been monitoring everything closely.


Right on. I can’t wait to see it. The whole idea is awesome. I’m glad to see this idea materialize. Now we just to get some team representation :rainbow:


Svendsgard and ZSE are VERY closely matched. And ZSE only plays jams Monday-Wednesday. ZSE is really good with limited time. Which makes me believe he’s taking home that gold helmet.


I wont bet against that. At the same time I will not be surprised if someone else takes it, theres an insane amount of skill in that dirty dozen.
I feel stupid for looking forward to the WC as much as I do, but I cant help it.


Dude I’m stoked, too. Haha

Honestly anyone can take it. Master just beat my jam time with bike 11 by 2 seconds in cash jams with bike 10. They’re all ridiculously good.


Yeah I could see a return of the Master!
I’m on team 52 at the WC.


Look at what I saw on

I thought the championship is on 4-5 January as seen on

Doesn’t it conflict? @tobias @MrSilverfox


Well lucky me then, being in Stockholm 5-7th :smile:


This is what happens when I click the wc banner in game


We’re looking in to this


I see, it has been corrected.

Well done :thumbsup: