The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Yeah, whats goin’ on @MrSilverfox?


Yes, how do you know if you got into the 1000s?


That’s relatively simple to figure out. Add your overall position in the four WC weeks and divide them by four.


Sorry to keep bothering with my noobness, which are the weeks of the WC?
From week 140 to 144?




There are no stupid questions in here. Unless you’re @Kipketer, then there is nothing but. But as Sam allready told you it was 141-144.


Awesome. Nice community you guys have. I’ve been playing for about a year and love the game.


I’m afraid it might not be that easy, it’s not just jam that counts you know…
We’re waiting on the final list and we’ll be posting it and awarding the helmet very soon.


Isn’t the top 1000 helmet just a jam thing?


@MrSilverfox: poke


A lot of users tagged @MrSilverfox in here lately… Some even asking me over private messages.
@MrSilverfox must be a busy man these days!

Lets hope @MrSilverfox stops by soon :grinning:


I think he is in Boston or somethin for work haha


I thought it was a jam thing. Android guys dont get all the other things.


That means like 4/12 *1000=333. Approximately top 333 Weekly Jam players.


Many players does both week jam as well as cash jam and I suppose you only get your position from one dicipline, so I hope it goes a bit further down the ranks in week jam (says mr #398) :smile:


Yeah, 350-500 in Weekly Jam might stand a chance because of that.


Is this confirmed from anywhere?


Its speculation based on how the top 12 was ranked (qualified through one dicipline and if you ranked high in multiple diciplines the spot was given the next guy).


Might be.
My best guess, however, is that the top 1000 helmet is a jam only thing.


Yeah Im not going to bet against that.
Boy would it be nice to have @MrSilverfox come on here and give us some input on this.