The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Yeah, Im sure having @THR_Birdshaw on site will ensure everybodys in their happy place :smile:


True, having someone to laugh at always light up :slight_smile:


The updated rankings after 3 weeks are up! Only one more week to go.

You can watch the updated rankings (will change for Dailies & Challenges all the time) here:

You might see that there’s some changes in the leaderboards since last week and that’s because some players have been disqualified.

  • Details about the big championship for the Top 12 players will be posted this week!


Lol, what did svendsgard do? :smile:


Is there a way to see if we are in the running for the top 1000 helmet?


We will post that and we have that tracked on our side. For the three cash modes you can see that by clicking on “Your Cash Profile”

For Jams there’s no good way to show that at the moment unfortunately.


We don’t talk publicly with exact details but the reason is Account Sharing/Multiple accounts.

You are not allowed to play for another player’s account and/or use multiple accounts.


Got it. I just wanted to see if I was in the running for the helmet. Dammit I want that helmet! Lol


You’ll get it in the update :grinning::grinning::grinning:


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Which we all now know is only hours away! …fukr. lol


There’s been some questions about it. Official ending time for the qualifier is November 24 at 23:59 GMT.

Regular Jam & Cash Jam ends att 09:00 GMT on November 24 so those results will be done before but Dailies & Challenges will continue until the day is over.

So if you’re 4-7 in Jam you will not know if you got a spot 100% before the end of Dailies & Challenges :slight_smile:


Ok, the qualifiers are over right? So who all gets the top 1000 helmets?

Happy THANKSGIVING! Fellow racers.


As @MrSilverfox said above, there are still a few hours left for dailies and challenges :slight_smile:


We got our final top 12

  1. Master52 (D)
  2. Sixfootseven (D)
  3. SCRUBS (D)
  4. Parker111 (CJ)
  5. DJauzzi (CJ)
  7. JGOODIN ©
  8. solyOne ©
  9. ZSE743 (Jam)
  10. Bragstad (Jam)
  11. JCOOPER19 (Jam)
  12. Leonardo3 (Jam)

D = Dailies
CJ = Cash Jam
C = Challenges


Congrats!! all did hell of a nice job!!
and our 5 TCR members there yeahhh!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hows this top1k thing coming along @MrSilverfox?


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For some reason WC isnt there for me, would anyone know why?


The qualifiers are over.


But it wasnt there to begin with even when they were on?