The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Updated the rankings right now here:

Fun fact. We’re halfway through and if the qualifier ended today these 12 would be the one’s receiving invite to the World Championship

From Dailies:

  • Sixfootseven
  • Master52

From Cash Jam:

  • Parker111

From Challenges:

  • Horner172

From Jams

  • TCR_svendsgard
  • ZSE743
  • TCR_Bragstad
  • TCR_DJAuzzi_CA

As you can see a 4-6th place in either Cash Jam, Challenges or regular Jams can get you to the top12 as people like Sixfootseven will only receive a spot from one of the categories.

So keep on trying all. If you’re in the top50 for any of the categories there’s a good chance you could make it!


Aye im okay with 12th ! :slight_smile:


This World Championship is an awesome idea btw !! So many more players putting more effort into playing, and the whole TCR team is lovin it. Tryin to beat each other all the time.


@MrSilverfox @JoeW723


Yeah it must be a blast for the non Android users especially :wink:


Hahaha oh yes, So do you know what the Championship in Sweden is going to be exactly? Like top 12 are going to race against each other?


Hope you make it in the top 12 man. GOOD LUCK to you :+1:


Thanks dude! I’m puttin in work these next 2 weeks


Sweaty thumbs and elevated heart rates.


I guess they (you) will get a chair and a device and sit together and play.
But what do I know, Im just a doctor


I haven’t really been paying much attention to this, but since I am on android, we only qualify under the Week Jams category correct? Also, is there a way to see your current ranking?



Not that I know, but you can count where you are from your Jam rank since the week it all started I assume


Way cool. Not that i will qualify yet… But, cool!!


Any info on how the world cup will be broadcasted yet? Cant wait :slight_smile:


Updated information about the exact broadcast, format etc will come at the end of this week :smiley:

You will be pleased and the Top12 better be prepared! This will be a brutal World Championship :smiley:


It sure as hell gonna be cool :slight_smile:

Hopefully the two hard working moderators on the forum will get an invite aswell as the top 12 :wink:


Team KipShaw :wink:


Master52, you better hang tight and qualify. It seems you have been jammed only into Dailies. :smile:


Didnt you say that two weeks ago as well :smile:
Looking forward to it af!


Yeah y’all need to be there so nothing violent breaks out. :laughing: