The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Thanks for enabling the world championship tracks is very cool tonight do not sleep playing those tracks.


What!!! Where are they? Track pack this month??



He he😂 Needed an update😊 Have it now👍


Man I just watched round 11 of the world championship, you guys never fail to impress me you came in really clutch there too… Simply wow


My monIes on zac for top 3 this year


Yea it’s really incredible


hahah dude that was the craziest race ever, thanks a lot!


when is the next one coming up?


Well they haven’t confirmed yet if there will even be one… If there is gonna be one though my guess would be the qualifiers starting in about 2 weeks or something (at least soonish)… Based of last year that is… Cause last year it started right after straight rythm and i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s next week since the real event just took place


Better get my skills up to par… lol… lots and lots of work to do… best I have done is close to top 100… but I would imagine it is even harder during tjat time… Thanks for the info… Hopefully I can at least scrape up a helmet if they do that again…


Its crazy how a few tenth of a second can set me off 500 spot a way from people like you. I wanna get something good, but i cant stay up top


Whens the straight rhythm?


Yesterday :grinning:


I’ll probably have to watch it back haha it’s pretty fun to watch usually


What? I didnt play yesterday was there really a straight rhythm track?


Oooooh i thought you meant the real life event haha the ingame one will probably be like next week or something i guess :thinking:


Ohhh yeah gotcha was a bit confused there lol


like me? I am not really too great… sort of feels lucky sometimes… I guess I do okay but the guys above me is where it gets tough… I k ow how you feel too… I have finished jist a few tenths from Zse and brag etc… amd yet it takes soo much more to make that up… lol…


I hope I get lucky for qualifiers​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: