The OFFICIAL jam Week #191 Discussion




Geen voorbeeld ofzo?


Weet bij deze track niet zo goed wat ik als voorbeeld moet geven… Het is eigenlijk gwn zo veel mogelijk wheelies en dus bij die 2 jumps waar je echt bijna recht omhoog springt gas loslaten op het juiste moment


Ok ga proberen


Moeilijk man


I watched your replay and were I gained time on you was the first step on step off after the whoops, then you jumped to high on the second step up and I gained time on you


Ok imma fix it


For the non Dutch speakers here (EVERYONE!) I will translate what transpired in in that conversation.
I’m paraphasing a little bit, but basically they were talking about how The Netherlands are becoming underpopulated due to the fact that there are no straight people left.




@Matt_Kudla what the fuck is that semi slow down thingy at the beginning of your track man?! That part ruins all my runs so far :joy:


Dude I intended to have it so you wheelie brake into the hole at the top of the hill and jump out onto the steep downhill. Didn’t test enough I guess. Shoulda put a wall jump there so you couldn’t sail down the hill into the rollers. :cry:


That’s what I do. My current run though im jumping across then rolling over and hitting the intented line, it is so much easier and flows nice.


Our very own @OnTheFrontLine is done blowing Mickey and his friends and as back at it streaming. There will be a Mad Skills stream like the ones you know and love in about one and a half hours.

That’s 21 for the Euro assholes, 20 for the brexitters and like 2pm hickville time (Tennesee time)

Come join us for shittalk, giveaways and mad skills action!


I quit


Quit what?


I cant beat my time!!!on blood bath


Nvm i found somethin


Yes! Less whining, more grinding!


@THR_Dutchmaster sorry man :grinning:


Doesnt matter m8