The OFFICIAL Jam Week #188 Discussion


My advice on the first track is to practice the ending whoop section (even if you don’t hit the nose-scrub, don’t restart) so that you will master them whoops. This will help a lot in saving your run whenever you hit the nose right.


Finally hit the nosewheelie without crashing afterwards… Messed up the whoops a little but that’s fine :grinning: finally my bike didn’t break but now the leaderboards did :joy: (once i restarted the app it was normal again though)


you did so well that you broke the leaderboard in your area lol…


Orrrrrrr did so bad he didnt even get a ranking. Jk good job man


I should have saved mine… i hit the nose but wrecked… my guy flew so fast… i was racing zachary… the guy flew off the bike forward so fast he passed zse… lol… that was pretty funny…


Thats happened to me before I’m like at least throw me all the way to the finish line so I can be 1st in the world


I’ve noticed this all week, but kept forgetting to say anything about it. Anyway, I’ve noticed what I think is a glitch on Overboard. It only occurs at the beginning of every race when I play on an iPad. As you can see in the video, my view is zoomed in as well as lower than normal when I lean forward to start the race. Then, after a restart the view changes to lower then normal once I lean forward. Next, after a restart the view changes when i lean backwards. Again, after a restart the view changes when I hit the gas. Finally, the view doesn’t change when I hit the brake. Any thoughts?


Such a good week so far. Who else wishes it would just keep on going? :disappointed:


I kind of do lol just a little bit :grin:


My best jam overall ranking

Best ranking on a single track


Awesome dude. I had a really good week too.


definately m best finish