The OFFICIAL Jam Week #188 Discussion


@THR_Remos wow that nose wheelie was beatiful.


Man that sucks :frowning:


That I cased it?


Nah the part where you cased it was super good! The glorious nose wheelie sucked is what he meant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha yeah i think he meant that casing it sucked :grinning:


I just did it again and I barely missed it I think I could probably do it again but it took me a long time to hit again.


If you have premium watch bragstads run… He hits it like pretty much perfectly


@THR_Dutchman, if you watch my run I get the nose wheelie great, it took me 534 tries though, lol


Yeah I don’t have premium lol can’t seem to connect my paypal to my Google play store. I hit it again just watch I’m pissed.




clears throat you know there’s also mine :kissing_heart::joy:


Haha fuck you it wasn’t there when i said that :joy: but yeah you’re nuts too :joy:


Yeah I figured that I hadn’t set my time yet :joy: mine I thought I died hahaha, I totally chocked the whoops, I was pissed I normally get them well, but I guess that’s out of the question with a good time :man_facepalming:t2:


Same here… mine was a 99… see above lol


Them whoops will mess up the perfect run. The nose wheelie is pretty hard, then if you get the perfect run, you’ll fuck up in the whoops.get a bad run you’ll hit the whoops right on. One tricky spot is enough in a track, this one has two. That’s me this week


This will go down as my best jam ranking.

Started aiming for the nose-scrub from the 500 run. I landed it 3 times, messed up the first two in the whoops, the third is okay.


Dude you’ve gotten a lot faster lately. Keep it up man.


Okay so my time on track 1 still sucks… Imma have to try a little harder for that nosewheelie… Anyways thought I’d share this with you guys… Here’s my rider trying to become a mad skills astronaut :joy: never seen the guy fly this high :joy:


OMG that was awesome, I’ve had him shoot backwards almost to the beginning of the track many times on this one but never straight up.


I’m gonna make a compilation of the falis on this track… Hahahaha


So a @THR_Dutchman highlight reel.