The OFFICIAL Jam Week #187 Discussion


I’ve been trying that line, hit it once then feel trying it again the second lap, that line is fucking with me :joy: it’s crazy so probs to you man, impressive for sure


Thanks… I hope to see someone hit both laps… it is hard to get that little bump on the front wheel… I was surprised I hit it and finished the track though lol…


There you go buddy, got you something to beat. My count trackula run was great. But I mested up on the end of the first lap and second. There’s about two seconds to make up



Lol you are welcome @ACESEA5 I made a time for you to beat now I got to beat @THR_KingT72 time lol.


I got your lline in first jum in Cont Tracula .


your jump is so easy to do. I hope to achieve it soon to lower my time.


Let me know if you can hit it… I will check your run out later… :wink:


4 times I made it over, on the first lap, with bike 8 and all 4 times I landed short to clear the wall on the second lap so none of them stuck. :confused:

I think I made it over once with bike 6, but it was this crazy bounce, loop, doink whoa that I couldn’t recover in time to get the rhythm after.


Only thing I have to complain about this week is on count trackula. I can set an amazing first lap but come up to that jump into the second lap and either come up short or over jump it. The slightest mistake and your done, you have to land perfect. And since there’s no throttle control in the game you are just tapping on and off guessing. hoping you make it. Still love these tracks though


I wanna see these runs someone post a vid, don’t have premium.


I got ya fam


maybe it is not for this topic but
because I can not see my own time in the jam week

was recording and stopped recording for the middle of the attempt in which I manage to improve my time and not record well then I want to ask. because I can not see my repetition?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Finally I got a decent time on Park


A lot of random vids on here because this is the only way i was able to share them… see video for clearing the wall for others that dont have premium… :wink: lol… I would like to see anyone elses version of clearing it if possible… I thought it was a cool trick… :sunglasses:


How the heck did you do that :scream:?


I hit it a couple of times… gotta sort of drift back slowly and right before you ladn jerk back and then forward immediately… Gotta hit the front wheel right though… I let off right at the top of the previous hill too… was trying to hit the very end of the downhill to get that little launch… still got it on this one though…


If it were only a 1 lap track I think I would have had a good run… :joy:


If it were one lap youda been like 1st man


Finally. :disappointed_relieved::dizzy_face::muscle: