The OFFICIAL Jam Week #187 Discussion


Wow wait whut?! I just noticed he is wearing the fly evolution gear with the boots of the fly relapse gear :thinking: how is that even possible?!


Well when you have a trainer I doubt It’s harder than getting 52s helmet.


It ain’t faster to jump the wall in first lap. It’s easier to be fast that way but if you do it like Sixfootseven, it’s faster if you don’t jump the wall. But you need to get it quite perfect. :sweat_smile:


How do you jump wall? Do u mean jump on it and off or go the whole way over?


Triple triple over the on off. But you have to time the second one just right then just hammer down and hope you make it


I did the wall jump pretty fast but was still behind Sixfoot. If you got Sixfoot’s start but tap into the hole and jump up on the wall it may be faster. But it’s easier to learn to do it Sixfoot’s way. Although the wall jump is more fun.
Here’s the comparison, me vs Sixfoot:





I once played vs a guy who hit the wall jump pretty fast
I ended up ahead of him a couple times after going sixfoots way.


I intended to have the wall jump line faster but that table tap to table line is just too fast.


Watch the rythm, it is park he is running. But on count trackulat. I would say its a glitch but when you see the boots and helmet, its forsure a hack


Watch my run on matty’s jam track for the fastest way at the start. Your welcome :slight_smile:


check my run out on Park… I messed up but that last hill… Found ghe best way to hit it… @Bragstad and @Zachari_Elmes could probably hit both laps like that… gain an extra half second or more maybe… :wink:


In game name dgg0825


Holyfuckingshit dude, that was amazing


Kept thinking that might work and i finally got it… couldnt get the second lap…

Going to try to hit it again :grinning:


Amazing, I knew something was possible with that wall


And now If i can only hit the rest of the track like you do ill be golden lol…


I love count trackula but getting stuck after I set a fast time lol



That photo glitched I was first but little competition from broc lol I was first can’t figure out how to get past the end section on bike 8