The OFFICIAL Jam Week #186 Discussion





How did i get this time on bike 7 lol? I was just trying to beat my friends time and I ended up beating it by a full second?


Good job man


Dang I wish I could grind more haven’t had that much time recently


I watched Lorky’s run to see how he did that section and tried to emulate it. I was initially trying to scrub the jump after the whoops, but leaning forward at the beginning of the whoops seems to work more consistently! You’ll end up clearing the jump if you get the bounce. I haven’t had the time to truly grind this week!


Watch lorky’s run… you have to lean forward and then back right near the beginning of the dragon’s back.



I’m been trying as hard as I can and I managed to get a 37.422 on loot how are you guys getting in the 36s?


This has to be one of my best ranks on a jam track.


I’m getting better.


My goal for now is to get in the top 2000 then in the top 1500.


Thanks I finally figured it out. It’s a tuff track but I threw down an ok run. Having my best jam week ever.


Scrub a dub dub. Lol. It’s a simple track but the scrubs are tricky. Got to be one of them guys that can ride a wheelie for days. Some thing I have yet to finger out.


Yeah it seemed like I was scrubbing pretty good and I’m like that has to be at least a 36.9 but it was a 37.422 :cry:


Just gotta keep playing