The OFFICIAL Jam Week #186 Discussion


The fuck man?! THR aint a free for all! Did you even bother to check if He’s fast enough to finish Braap in two minutes?! JESUS!



You have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit sir :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol thx guys he’s a noon to the game trying to help him out. @ACESEA5




Just because he’s not on bike 11 yet doesn’t make him a noob though :thinking:




He isnt I have a challenge with him, he is pretty good


I was joking.


We are old neighbors we mess with each other.


Yeah I know he is getting better than what he was in trying to help him. Anyways cya guys later.


Dang I need to get grinding haven’t played this week my times are so bad


Haha yeah same here… Just like every week lately :grimacing: my times are still the same ones i set Thursday :joy: I’ve been enjoying cash and versus so much more than jams lately and i don’t even know why :thinking:


I know how you feel bro


Same here @THR_Dutchman


I’m killing El Chupacabra this week, but I stink at Loot


Oh I have a decent top 100 time on chupacabra and I also suck at loot its just that type of a track


I havnt tried at all like on chupucabra I have a51 and everyone for 48s :joy:


Not everyone has a 48 :joy:


I can’t even get a 50.5 :unamused:

Stupid uphill whoops to jump section!!!