The OFFICIAL Jam Week #186 Discussion


Haha sorry :joy:


Haha ill send u the bill :joy::joy:


Finally got that 48 :muscle:


@JamesA you are soooo slow haha :joy: :joy::joy:, within a few ten thousandths of a second


I’m not doing so well in the jam this week lol because I have bike 8 and in division 9


Just have fun filtering the leaderboard to bike 8 and see how high you can get


@rcboxer. It took a while to grow on me…in fact I hated it the first day…but El Chupacabra has got to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. The more I grind, the more I love it. Well done sir!


Ok thx for advice king forgot about filtering


My goal is to get into THR one day lol what are requirements


Prob wrong thread for that going find thr thread


@ACESEA5 I got you hang on.


Ok sounds good


@THR_Birdshaw hey man can you change @ACESEA5 to THR_ACESEA5 plz and thx.


Thanks man!! I know it is technical lol. I tried to make something that would be fun and challenging for the whole week of Jam. It takes a while to figure out what to do each section of the track :blush:

I also tried to make all kinds of line options so if you screw up, you can take another line that is as fast to save your run :wink:. Well I tried at least lol


Ok when he does you will have to beat your times for you to see your new name just so you don’t get confused @ACESEA5


Lol change ACESEA5 to THR_Acesea5 I’m a wanna be


Or @OnTheFrontLine can you change his plz and thx.


Ya, you nailed it. There’s so many line options that allow you to recover from a slight mishap and still put up a decent time. Plus, once you figure out a section, it’s all stuff that can be duplicated over and over. No “luck bounces” haha. Big fan.


I’m just glad that I finally got a personally acceptable time on it, so I don’t have to be mad at you anymore. :wink:

Although I know it’s not your fault that the game does it’s random crap all on its own. Fizzled out drives for no reason, dropped front end and almost magical fluctuations of gravity that always put you out of rhythm and into a line you don’t want. :confounded:


I have changed it