The OFFICIAL Jam Week #185 Discussion


Just watch my run :wink:


Yea, there is No bs, I can set it up just not right. I can defintly tell its possible compared to a few weeks ago on the other track. Just luck, this one is easy skill for yall


What’s your in game name @THR_KingT72


Same as on here


Alright I’ll send you a verus challenge


I’m camping with barley any service. Ill try and play you Tuesday




Fun tracks this week. Imagona be pissed off a lot. But the challenge is what makes them fun. I do not like the whoops wall bounce. Think I have ever pulled off one ever. Just have not found out how to magically turn a motorcycle into a pogo stick yet.


Watch what djauzzi does… He taps the first 2 whoops and then like the 2nd before last one or so… That makes it a lot easier to do


I just pulled it off, then fucked up the second lap so bad. Whyyyyyyyyyyy


Just pulled it off, however it wasn’t a clean second lap also I didn’t even pull it off right, so it was a bit slower. Later I’m going to try and shave off half to a full second


Anyone ever done this?? Tied my best lap time.


oh man I finally hit the wall tap both laps on 2nd track


Nice ill try it when I get home.


4 days that happened and only came out once, but just do not improve my time it is quite difficult to jump the wall :,U


Getting frustrated with hitting the line I want to hit. Leaving @Zachari_Elmes behind​:joy: then crashing on the wall bounce every time. If I take the slower line I end up getting the wall bounce I don’t get it.:rage::rage::rage::rage:


I’ve seen the other line and thought it was faster but no one else took it


And again!!! Was nailing this one. @OnTheFrontLine I hate u for that wall :joy:


Oh my gosh that was fast


You are welcome for that beautiful wall sir