The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 184 Discussion


Sometimes Turborilla does a round up with new testers. They just did a big one, so It’ll probably be a while.


Sign me up next time… I play the game 100 percent of my free time anyhow… :grinning::joy:


I want to test for rounds I’ve never had rounds but if not I will just watch @OnTheFrontLine stream and @YG_DJAuzzi and @YZF_JLaRue4


@THR_Birdshaw how can I be a tester?


You can’t my dude :grimacing: that’s what birdy tried to explain… You can only enter when they do an intake and there isn’t one going right now :grimacing: and to be honest if the motivation is free jam rounds i highly doubt they’ll pick you :grimacing:


We don’t test for the free shit. We test because It’s cool to be able to influence and better the greatest mobile game ever.
But please join us on tomorrow and every thursday. It’s usually 2pm Tennessee time (9pm central European) But tomorrow it will very likely start upwards of an hour later. Go and give him a follow right now to receive notifications when he goes live. We usually roll for the new guys in the draws, so you have a very good chance of winning.


Ok thx @THR_Dutchman @THR_Birdshaw


I was just wondering.


Its not like I need premium i just watch you guys play to see what the fast lines are.


I’m slowly getting better and faster bc I see what you guys are doing in versus and on your channels.


Yes I will most likely be starting closer to 3pm central tomorrow. Stream will go until about 4


Thats the way dude. Watch to see what line u need to take then grind grind grind.


Yea, i dont use it for racing 2-10, other ppl or track view. I just use it to watch others and play myself to improve


Is Twitch down? I have been trying to get in for a couple of days… You are right… I would love to be able to have some input in how the game is developed as time goes on etc… I honestly have not wasted my time on any other games since I downloaded this one… so your right… probably the best out there…


Only game I got on my phone is clash of clans and madskills so yea a lot of attention goes toward this game while on the run.


You play clash of clans, wanna join my clan?


Lol sorry guys getting a bit off topic…


What’s your is number thingy


Maybe later, but right now im in a lvl9 clan. And its pretty layed back and nice. Suits my needs. I’ll add you as a friend though. I usually don’t stick in clans forever, just gets old


Yeah I’m having problems with twitch too at the moment