The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 184 Discussion


Lol… I doubt I will hit it even close to what you put down but maybe a little improvement… you killed it… I like watching your runs… killer stuff… not too much room for improvement on that… :thinking:


I see both of yall. Got my eyes on you.:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


I see you to brady :hear_no_evil:

guys just let me have some fame for once in my life :joy:


Lol yeah its cool though man @Zse743 your a beast


Man this is mymy best week so far ever! Make sure you guys go check out my Youtube channel :slight_smile:



How does it say 2 in your country but your name is listed as 1


That’s just the thumbnail I had no control over it i guess that’s when my rankings were loading


@THR_Birdshaw, you have 894 premium rounds!?
I wish I could purchase premium rounds (or anything for that matter) but noooo!


Why can’t you? I got my premium from testing.


Whenever I try to purchase something I get an error message that reads:

We couldn’t contact the store. Please verify that In-App Purchases are enabled and that you’re logged in to the Google Play Store on your device.

I have no idea why or how to fix it. Any help?


If I press “Details” this pops up:



I don’t know. Mine only does that by low connection. Maybe you could send money to turborilla and they will give you some


How would I go about that? Do you know?


So am I @YZF_JLaRue4!


Nice one! I will probably never land a no.1 in my country… especially with @Zse743 here… :joy:… not that I am at that level… but If I were… i would have to beat him… :sweat_smile: I have made somewhere close to top 50 though… :grinning:


You could email googleplay if you have too much dramas, otherwise check your playstore account settings, make sure parental controls are switched off, check/add billing methods, i had an issue where they wouldnt charge my credit card because it was 3 months til expiry. got a replacement and boom. Odd though google play doesnt usually object any purchases unless you have altered your settings


Can i test and get free rounds😃?


Haha same lol


@David_Gutierrez @YZF_JLaRue4 dudes you can win free premium by watching frontlines streams on twitch and also chance to win for commenting on the “Turborilla show” episides on youtube