The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 184 Discussion


Glad you like it


Forgot who made which. But im loving them both this week


Haha I’m absolutely killing Chit Chat this week!


Not done grinding yet But I do come to find that im beat by less than a hundredths of a second

and a son beating a father by 0.01


Dang man I was about to kill you though today go watch my video!



Just set a 13 im done for now


We are on the way back from Iron man and Sam Redman got kicked sideways over the Godzilla jump and he said on his Facebook post that it was one of the hardest slams he’s ever had and he tacoed his ankle and cut open his elbow but he is fine just banged up and bruised @THR_KingT72



That was the best racing I’ve seen and its the first ever pro national I’ve been to and its way different then on TV.


I heard. I was playing madskills and heard his name in tv, I instsantly jumped up to see . and yes best race I’ve seen in a while. Way better in person though


I’m thinking about going to the lorretas national’s in a few weeks


Lorettas was on the first week of August well for the amateurs.


My friend got 2nd one race and finished 5th overall in Mini Sr 1 look for the name Chase Prince he lives at MTF he is likely to go pro in a few years. @THR_KingT72


Like mini as in 85cc or 125cc or 50cc


He raced a KTM 85cc and I have a YZ 125cc.


Finally got a good time on Gray’s Peak :muscle:

And a great overall time


I’m just barely ahead of you on Chit Chat @Matt_Kudla


Finally a WR for me lol…


i did well i think!