The OFFICIAL Jam Week #183 Discussion


I’ve been slacking like crazy this week :joy: my laptop was sort of broken and now it was working again so i only played cash and versus and spent the rest of the time playing rocket league instead :joy::joy::joy: @THR_Jogga72 now is the week to beat me man :joy:


I would get great scrubs all the way up until the bounce on stormy.


I know the feeling dude


I didn’t like theese weeks tracks that much. I haven’t played that much. So you can be safe. :blush:


I spent about a hour and a half on stormy and I only gained 1 spot in my state.




I can’t wait for these new tracks I was getting mad last night.


I love stormy I actually wish it would still be there Haha its so fun and when you hit that bounce oh my best feeling ever Lol just the other track in bored of now


Yea I didn’t try on the other track at all