The OFFICIAL Jam Week #183 Discussion


I’m going riding tomorrow in Alabama at Mill creek.


I just got a 47.027 on free your grind by watching the stream wasn’t even trying I just picked the fast line thx guys!


Now I have a 45.837 I’m 7th in my state!


Turns out I just needed a few beers in me to get stormy


Did you know @OnTheFrontLine is in my state he is first in Tennessee I’m 7th.


@OnTheFrontLine hey I watched your stream bc I don’t have premium and u showed me the fast lines on both tracks and my time improved 3 seconds on stormy and 1 second on free your grind. Thx for making those keep it up!


No problem man! That’s why I do it :slight_smile: stop by the twitch stream sometime and hang out. We have a blast :+1:t2:


Yeah that’s what I’m talking about finally hit that bounce… Sort of Haha took A bit of grinding


Yep I will I just got done riding in real life I’m so sore @OnTheFrontLine


Check mine out :wink: Startin my own youtube channel


same here man


I love the mad skills Youtube channels


Same here man


I will check it out @YG_DJAuzzi thx for making a channel!



All caps tax




TOP 500 LET’S GO @OnTheFrontLine lol I follow you and ZSE743 I’m second in my friends list cuz I beat your time.


Doin work!


Man this sucks, that freaking bounce on stormy, I have had at least 5 times that would’ve been wr then I couldn’t hit the bounce :rage: #rage


Same here man :angry: