The OFFICIAL Jam Week #183 Discussion


Yeah man. Screen shot it and I’ll get it for ya.


And also I wasn’t being rude don’t know why he said that :joy:




I can’t wait to get home and play these tracks I was 3rd in my state somehow I think I got lucky but I’ve dropped since.


@Bill_Dont I see you creeping up on me.


Holy shit man that was so mean!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


Well he can’t just be a wfo without permision, ya gotta ask whoever is in charge and if they will allow him to. I personally would because he is pretty fast


Hahaha, just starting to get back into it a bit. I figure somebody gotta keep you honest. :joy::joy::joy:



That run @YG_DJAuzzi on free your grind makes me not even wanna play this week :scream:


Hey guys go check out westwoodchopper currently in 6th. His whole run was bad except how he got over the wall, he made up so much time by it. He went from a 50 second run to a 48


Grind Stormy. I might cry if I lose on my own track. :joy::joy:


Hahah why’s that? It’s easy :wink:


Easy for you to say :grinning:


I tried to explain that to him, but he doesn’t understand


Finally got that 58, even though I lost hahaha


Exactly what I thought after watching him wow.


I know right


Hey on stormy I have a 1:01.762 and on free your grind I have a 48.765 are those good times?


On Stormy I have a 58:93, not trying to be arrogant or anything


I saw that, it’s really an unbelievable line