The OFFICIAL Jam week #181 Discussion


Best week I’ve ever had and I’m still trying to improve my time on Achilles


Nice man! I can’t do Achilles for my life :joy: either I hit the best nose wheelie and scrub but then can’t hit that big scrub later on or hit that big scrub with a decent run and screw up on the quad :joy: idk what it is with that track though but Im loving bloodbath


Same here man, I actually hated Blood Bath and love Achilles the first few days but now it’s completely opposite


I’ll be working on Achilles tonight to try to better my overall, I just wish @THR_Sam27 wasn’t so damn fast.


I gave up on it lol. I can’t for the life of me figure out the little scrub on the whooped kicker before the big uphill. If I could just stay low enough to clear the big uphill without wheel tapping the top, i’d have a hell of a time. I’ve got the rest of the track down


Yeah! Blood bath has become my new hate track, in all times! :joy::joy:


@THR_Sam27 I hate u :sob:


Daaaaaaam! @THR_LorkyMX2 you almost got me!

I’m not done yet though :speak_no_evil::wink: