The OFFICIAL Jam week #181 Discussion


on top of Tennessee for now. It’s going to be a close one this week. Everyone’s putting in fast times @syclone0182 @OnTheFrontLine


Buy some premium and watch!


I think I’ve given up already. You bastards are too fast haha. Also I was riding up in your neck of the woods today. Went all the way around the north side and almost to Charlotte


He already has premium… just a dude looking for advice.


You need to get my digits bro :tipping_hand_woman:


Not so sure spending money is going to help me not suck at this game. Lol.

Two different rhythms on blood bath. I’m liking rolling the first one. Especially if you can flip the kicker in the middle. But that wall jump trips me up just about every time.


Sounds crazy, But getting some premium is a HUGE remedy against sucking in this game. De ability to instantly see the fast line helps a ton!


Really fun tracks this week especially Achilles cause I got 12th fastest time in the world Thursday






I was thinking a little front flip action to get over it smooth but also make your back wheel tap it and push you foward.


Aggghhh I just screwed up the best run ever on Achilles :weary: if you follow me go watch my replay but


First of all loving the setup and second damn what a run, you was out of my screen till that case on the quad, and trying to flip over the last part to get the bike as far possible foward. Lol


Yeah man it sucked haha


Top 96 WR time​:muscle::muscle::muscle::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


82nd WR :us::checkered_flag: THR team is doing pretty good this week. Still need to work on my corner speed :joy:


I’m 34th… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses:


I gotta pick it up a bit if I’m going to have a chance at beating @syclone0182


Man you are killing it with some good runs this week …I didnt think i had anymore good runs in me :+1::grinning: