The OFFICIAL Jam Week #180 Discussion


Take a look at the line TMR_Gutless10 runs in the beginning of Downshift (like 94th place overall) I’ve got to believe that can be even faster than doing the first bounce out of the whoops. Tell me what you think


That’s the line I’ve been trying to hit I think it is for sure faster but I hadn’t had been able to hit it thanks for sharing this also I noticed that bragstad also hits it


Brags is doing it aswell but missed the second bounce. Cmon @Bragstad, are you even trying? :grinning:


Hahah, yeah that line is way faster, but nah didnt like the tracks this week. I think zach is trying to get a clean run with that line tho


Sounds like losertalk to me😀


I spent so much time on Juggernaut and I just can’t for the life of me get a good run, i barely spent any time on Downshift and have a great run…:triumph::triumph:

I had 1 run on Juggernaut where I did the back bounce and was on track for 27s and totally screwed that last little jump up.

I am definitely ready for next weeks tracks, these were just too much.


I did like 300 + tries on juggernaut. I think it wasn’t that hard to get that backscrub. You just need to scrub the jump before the uphill and then land it on the backwheel and keep leaning backwards. Dont Let go! And you’ll get it :grinning: Downshift was a bitch however. Can’t get the 2:nd bounce correct. That takes real skill. And i just aint there yet i guess :joy::grin:
I’m to soooo ready for this weeks tracks :smiley:


That scrub wasn’t that hard? Pfffffft mostly all luck mate, let’s be serious here :joy:

Yer you can do stuff to greater your chances of getting the scrub but 9 times out of ten you won’t get it :joy::joy:

Yer and that second track I’ve had about 250 attempts and really can’t be bothered to put in another 1000 attempts… knowing I could get lucky but I probably won’t :joy:

Stupid tracks this week, let’s hope the new one are better!! :joy::roll_eyes:

And yer @THR_Birdshaw it is loser talk! :hushed::joy::fu:


Hahaha :joy: Mate! It’s not luck if u do it 5 out of 10 tries. The struggle was actually landing and taking off to make it over the last jump :joy: :+1: i figured out that the scrub before the uphill was crucial to hit the backscrub, it wasn’t that hard. Btw u did a nice run Sam :+1: