The OFFICIAL Jam Week #180 Discussion


The first one is intended. The second was thought to be impossible. But tracks like this suck ass for 99% of players. That’s not fun.


99% impossible yeah, the pro players want to do that 1% possible bit. Semi good players that cant do the jump just have to deal with it. Why cant they just race against ghosts that doesnt do the jump. I didnt mean to start an argument. Its just my opinion.


Its more skill than you think, look at whos in the top spots/does the trick and ask yourself if any of them isnt regularly in the top spots. Like you describe it a scrub is also luck because no-one gets them EVERYtime. What am i even trying to say? Everyone has their opinion on the track and i have mine.


driving a line that is seconds off the fast line simply isnt fun so everyone will go for it. The way track two is set up with the crit points right at the end makes the first 80% of the track a complete and utter waste of time 99.9% of the time.


Im having my best week yet so far, im not basing it on skill at all because on parts of both tracks where skill would normally be vital i cant remember how i did it or even wtf just happened. Grateful that it happened but i cant hit it twice in a row. In saying that we have a few of the usuals sittin at the top this week but i have a few in my state and country that ive never heard before so id base it more on luck than skill


I have to agree with u simen! And getting those tapping right however they may go, gives a good feeling and confidence. And It’s definitely skills if u intend to do it and manage it. If u know how to do things and get results after that! It’s not luck!. :blush:


Dude i intend to do it but it rarely happens :joy:


Yeah it would be acceptable/tolerable if the ridiculous bump was closer to the beginning so you didn’t have to race 90% of the track over and over. Same could be said of the first track too though, I’ve been racing first track and have barely played 2nd.


I’m usually behind a second from the whole track, but this one i get behind over one section. In on your side with this. Its just no fun


How do you know for sure it wasnt intended? Honestly i thought it was before you said it


I found the guy. And that guy can play!


Who is he !?!


I’ll let him step forward if he wants to.


it’s me.


Nah its not :joy::joy::metal:


I said the dude knows How to play​:grinning::fu:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: back to my beer Then haha


I’m not saying there’s absolutely no skill. The wheelie going in takes a lot of skill and the thing you have to do to get that first bounce to pop over to the second bounce is skill. But getting both of those bounced perfect is a shit load of luck. It’s literally millimeters off and you hit it wrong.

It was definitely intended. The shit head that built it knew what he was doing. :joy:


I dont want to say it but the first bounce is pretty easy


I’m not talking about the first set of whoops. I’m talking about the first little pop you have to get on the second set to come up and hit the bounce over wall correctly.