The OFFICIAL Jam Week #180 Discussion


Just gonna share my $0.02 here. @JoeW723 your track is awesome and really fun until that backscrub happened, but I don’t think you did that on purpose so I can’t even be mad.

But this second track. This track is nonsense. I shouldn’t be leading my 35m and the other guy bounce out of whoops and pass me. It’s purely luck based, lazy design, and just attempt Bait, IMO. The first bounce is a reasonable one because you can get it almost every time if you can manage to get it down right. The second is pure luck. I’ve gone into the whoops just like the other guys who have cleared it and never once hit right to pop over it.

There’s my rant. For you guys that enjoy tracks like this, you are insane.


For real though, I have played, watched replays over and over, hit it the same exact way and can’t get it. It has to be luck if you don’t see bragstad hitting it, he would usually be one of the first ones. But i don’t wanna complain bc I am having some of my best finishes on These tracks


Why do tou people always have to hate on the tracks? I, for one, would never do that!


Just hit it on the shittiest run possible and beat my time by .3. I had everything up to the bounce almost perfect and beat that with a shit run and that bounce. :roll_eyes:

Shut up, @THR_Birdshaw :joy::joy:


I don’t hate them, they hate me and its very frustrating. :blush:


Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun :joy::joy::joy: there’s room for 1 more in the car I’m going on vacation with if any of you guys need a reason to not play that track right now :joy::joy::joy:


Lesterwire this is a good chance for you😂. Im heading out to the track agian tommorow so there’s a whole day of madskills and exuse for me. And to just forget about everything and relief my frustration with games and there own crazy physics


Dude there ain’t no way I will beat you, you beat me with whatever you call that run you did bc of that last bounce​:rage::weary:


Its not luck and its not lazy design, its good design for experienced players. I agree with you on the first track tho


You can’t tell me there’s 0 luck that goes into that. Hit it 5 times in a row. You literally can’t. There’s no way in hell. You have to have perfect angle and bounce just right off of one whoop to come down onto another whoop, then hit that whoop perfectly, too. That’s not skill. It’s luck.


Agree there is some luck in it. And if its not luck (not trying to start an argument or be a dick) I would like to see you hit it almost every time. Because you must be pretty good if you can. And can you tell me the secret bc I need to know how to do it😂


Like I’m not saying there’s no skill in it at all, there is. But it’s also a hell of a lot of luck. And when I said lazy design I didn’t mean it isn’t a good obstacle. Because it is. But to have one thing so difficult on a track that cuts out 1-2 seconds is lazy. Like make something that’s all skill to cut out that time instead of a lucky bounce.

Edit: words


I’ve done the same


Take me


Finally got it, but I refuse to call it skill.


Well clearly not. YOU SUCK, GERDES!


I finally pulled it off it was all set up and everything and when I got to it I was aiming for the wrong whoop and messed everything up ughhbb


Damn! Simens run on downshift is sick! dude Killed that track


We have here two tracks were none of them work even remotely as intended. That’s not the paramount of good design.


@THR_Birdshaw when they put whoops infront of walls like that they pretty much beg the good players to find a way to jump the wall. Nothing new. And doing things not the “intended” way is a part of whats fun about this game, atleast for me.