Like, this week i use normal on the first track just because ita easier to control a wheelie with normal (in my opinion) trying to explain: its easier to just let go a bit if your close to falling on your back and control that 12 o’clock wheelie before a scrub. The reason why i use auto on the second track is mainly because of the frontflip, and it dosent have those scrubs that u often have to let go of the gas to keep a wheelie for a scrub.


I think I’m done with this track :grinning:


Sounds like losertalk to me. Eh @THR_Sam27?


Yer exactly right, that is losertalk, I’m disappointed @THR_Dutchman

Ohhh and how the fuck did you make it into the 48:4’s … I’m only in the 48:6’s and I thought that was good after I passed @THR_LorkyMX2 time and then I look at the leaderboards and see another THR in front of me…!



I didn’t screw up on the last scrub for once :grinning:


Going strong on the overall as well so far :muscle::grinning:


@THR_Dutchman @THR_Sam27 Yeah I thought my 48.702 was good enough to beat you guys on that first track but you guys still got me. I’m just gonna pretend the 2nd track doesnt exist.


Hahahaha yer same here, I’m worried about that second track :joy::joy::joy:


Probably done for this week wish I had more time to grind I really like the tracks!!! :grin:


I’m so sad because this is my new best but I know I can do better, just haven’t had time to play these last couple of days :frowning:


Same I can do better but I just don’t have time or feel like it. I’ve been lazy on the last three weeks actually, getting in the four digit numbers😳


This is as good as it’s gonna get for me :grinning: hoping to stay top 10 overnight! :grinning: Most fun I’ve had grinding jams in a long time!!! Awesome tracks @JoeW723 and @mx.phreek !!! :+1::+1::+1: