Tap the break repeatedly while leaning forward if you’re using auto throttle (highly recommended for this) or swipe back and forth between gas and brake on normal throttle while leaning forward (not so much recommended) :grinning:


@Bragstad do you ride out the whole track on auto throttle on track 2 or do you pause and switch back to normal throttle somewhere like i do? Cause i don’t like auto throttle but switching isn’t very efficient either :joy:


I don’t use auto throttle. Tried doing the flip with manual, but it’s hard to implement. Need swift fingers lol :joy::joy:


Haha yeah i use auto throttle just on that part of the track to get the flip :joy::joy::joy:


You use manual all the time?


Yeah normally i never use auto throttle but i think I’m just gonna ride this track all the way with auto throttle… Having to pause sucks haha


Not switching back on this track, auto works through the whole track for some reason. (I can add that zach, auzzi and alex are using auto too on the 2nd track)


I’ve done gottin used to auto throttle I’m stuck witg it now


How does the times work, because with bike 11 I have overall 1:51 and with bike 1 I have 1:52. However on each track its over a minute on bike one so it should be 2:something. The leaderboards are correct but the times arnt😕


Deberias ver mi repeticion el la primera pista no es muy buena. Pero debes verla. Front horse perfect


Nice man! :+1: next time please say it in english though :grinning: luckily i speak google translate pretty fluently but i had no clue what you were saying at first :joy::joy::joy:


@Zaffar_Ariff i used auto throughout the whole track its really interesting how you flip like that using the brakes but yeah really hard to do without using auto


@THR_Dutchman I was thinking about switching midtrack but I didn’t know what would happened so I just stuck it out :joy: but I’ve gotten used to it now


Yeah switching sucks… I also decided to just do the track on auto throttle… Working fine :grinning: just set a sub 1 minute time on that track :+1:



Right, so you don’t have to get used to them over and over


I just use auto on all tracks now, cause I started wear my screen away in corner going back and forth from gas to brake. And on some I felt I was gonna break my screen as I kept pressing harder and harder thinking it’ll make me go faster lol.

@Bragstad I’d like to hear how you choose between the use of using auto throttle and manual on certain tracks and what benefits each one gives you on different track types to aid fast times. Now I’m fully used to auto I couldn’t go back lol. I use it in reverse to how you used manual gas. Instead of releasing to blip or coast I give it a little dab or press. Second nature now for me.


I think this is just a matter of personal preference for the most part (except for tricks like the brake front flip)… Personally i pretty much always use normal throttle cause I’m just so used to it :slight_smile:
I think one of the factors in picking either would be the amount of letting go off the gas, that’s the thing that makes me not like auto throttle… I just don’t seem to think about pressing a button to stop gassing so i just watch and cry while looping out instead of saving myself in a wheelie :joy: and obviously the frontflip type of tricks are very important in the choice as they are nearly impossible with normal throttle sometimes

Sorry for answering a question to bragstad btw :joy:


Same. It would be like learning to use auto but backwards. My timing would be so off.


The only thing I use Manuel now is on slower tracks like novice intermediate career tracks cause its easier to let off the gas and get back on, when I have auto on those tracks once I press down I’m on it hard or not enough and mess up but that’s just me personally