Lol yeah but i don’t really mind messing up on it… It’s more that i messed up on it on 3 runs that would’ve given me the world record… One of which by quite a bit too :grimacing:


That’s what I was saying earlier, I had several runs where I was soooo far ahead and screwed that last scrub.


@THR_Dutchman @THR_LorkyMX2 he left out joe whoops. Do you think he’s not gonna fuck us somewhere else on the track? :joy:


Yea some of his tracks seem easy but there’s always one spot that’s difficult and annoying as hell


DON’T go for the frontflip on track 2 if you have no clue what you’re doing after :joy::joy::joy: i did the nosewheelie and frontflip and stuff and then had no clue what i was supposed to do afterwards so messed up the run completely :joy::joy::joy:

Edit: nevermind i take that back it’s actually way easier than i thought :joy:


aftwrwards is pretty difficult. I usually try to scrub that next little bump or mash forward and get the rider stuck in the bike. I’ve messed up so much in that section. :joy:


Lol yeah I’m having way more struggles with the rest of the track than with the nosewheelie frontflip part :joy:


I overshot the little jump right before the whoops and messed up a run when 6’7 was almost out of my screen. :pensive::pensive:


You think you have problems?! What about us guys that couldnt hold a wheelie to save our life?


I feel you


And I can get it, but about every 50 attempts and I mess up right after ughhh


I think maybe retirement and a move to Candy Crush would be the best path.


Hey @everyone I’m live playing mad skills Mx 2 at


Hard work and not giving up!!:+1::fire: you would never imagine how many times I cased it trying to hit that nose wheelie front flip but I didn’t give up I finally hit it and it payed off haven’t even grinder the other track yet :muscle::muscle::see_no_evil:


Oops could someone please move that too jam week 179 discussion Lol


I’ve almost got it but I keep messing. I’ll have it by the of the week


Watch my run I’ve found a pretty easy way to do the nosewheelie part to get myself on the line for the flip… Rest of my run is pretty crappy though cause i only played yesterday so still need to start grinding :grinning:


Alright thanks man


Improved my time


How do you guys flip like that? :thinking: tried tapping brake repeatedly but not working for me.