The OFFICIAL Jam Week #178 Discussion


My wife cusses me out all the time haha. Do u have premium? Pays to have it so u can watch the replays to get a feel of what u need to do


No problem man! Its just the getting the hang of it and you’ll end up hitting it


If you don’t have premium, come hang out at @OnTheFrontLine on twitch on Thursdays some time! You have a chance to win some free premium there and it’s also just really fun! :grinning::+1:


No I don’t have a premium. I have thought about it and you are right. Time
for me to get it. Thanks


Thank you for the invite.


You need to get it I went from about 10000 to top 500


Definitely am. Thanks. Only game I mess with and it seems I can’t get any further


My times improved drastically too. u can also play your own times if u dont wanna play anyone else and race up to 10 people at once its crazy fun lol


Wow, the incredible thing is not just to do it, the incredible thing really is that you think about those maneuvers … haha. You are a beast bro.


@THR_KingT72 hahah feel ya
@THR_Bandit22 it is isnt it
@THR_Birdshaw @THR_Sam27 yeah gotta get that both laps agreed
@Zaffar_Ariff yeah, i am :wink:
@JLaRue4 @TSR_Mecias_EC crazy huh
@Simen_Salthe_Johanne i know your hitting that shit
@murdock_martins thanks! Had to do something


Hes efficient too :joy::joy::metal:


yeah hes even got to reply faster than anyone



Come on you g00nz! We need more people on bike 1!
If a spode rider like this dork can get to within a second from Brags, you can do it too!


so far best week I’ve had. :metal:


Just put some times in this afternoon


I’ll start next week on bike 1, 10, 11