The OFFICIAL Jam Week #178 Discussion


Wat dafaaaq dude. Lol thats insanity :scream::scream:


Only on one lap… loser!


:astonished::fearful: you are the champ :pray:


I was waiting for something crazy this week… Holy shot dude


that is a crazy mov


I knew something like that was possible. It looks easy but ive only done it once


Ayye doesn’t count mate you didn’t do it both laps hahahh :wink:

I think we’ll leave @Zse743 for that one :joy:

But wow I couldn’t believe it when I saw it :muscle:


How do you even flip that fast


Use auto throttle and constantly tap the breaks


Yellow ones or red?


Lol I suck at auto


You can also use normal throttle and swipe your finger back and forth across the gas and brake buttons while leaning forward :+1:


Yellow is clutch red is breaks, tap the breaks


I used to do that. It sucks. Then I made the best decision of my life and moved to auto. A lot of the top guys use auto on tracks just for the brake flip thing. Especially if there’s a kudlaflip in it.


Thanks, your way works so much better and is more likely to work so I don’t screw up a perfect run


I am new on the thread. I like this game. Made it to division 1 a few months back. I am in the 3000s on fyg right now. Dragon back on rival is giving me a rough go.


I think we all can relate… Lean forward into second bump and it will bounce you up to the right height then just bump over last one with back wheel you’ll get the hang of it, I got the hang of it on the second day and in currently 60th :grin:


I now understand the team names. Did not know before reading the forum. Yall have some crazy fast times. I am not on a team and I only have one name. And this game takes up way to much of my time. Wife cussed me out yesterday. Lol. I grew up racing in the 80s.


Thank you brother. Will do that


I did that and won. Thanks brother