The OFFICIAL Jam Week #178 Discussion



If only the dragons back was a slight bit different or something else I could be faster, but I can’t get over it clean and if I do I didn’t scrub the other jumps. Its gonna be a tough one


Not liking these tracks at all, can’t get the hang of them.


Yep tracks suck this week


God i just love it when you finally killed every single whoop section and scrubs and your gas decides to stop working :rage: i once again haven’t even set a time yet on either track :joy:


I think my hole shot device is broken, keeps getting stuck on every time I ace the first whoops and rollers :man_shrugging:t3::speak_no_evil:


Ok changed my mind FYG isn’t too bad of a track now iv have a proper go but that 1st track can just go swivel


On the Rival dragons back, just throw your riders weight forward into the second bump with a well timed coast or clutch tap. If you carried enough speed on the approach, you’ll rear wheel tap or clear the kicker and it’ll land you on the following flat top.

Then try not to over jump the step up, saves a bit of time there too.


Love these tracks this week!


Mines doing that to and its always on the other track going over the first wall on second lap when I’m doing really good


I wheelie down the hill and sit my front tire in the first whoop and it gets me up and over fast


Haha it’s nothing with the game… Its most likely the screen just not picking up your fingers because of sweaty fingers or dust or something like that


Yeah that works too. Although my shit don’t wheelie as much as I’d like and as i’m sure most have learned, leaning back going up it, pops you in the air more times than not. Once you have consistency there, more effort can be focused on grinding through the bouncy bounce and hitting those scrubs.


The reason I switched to “GO” button right there.


Yea I’ve been getting really serious and sweating


If your into crazy shit that seems impossible to hit, getting hit, check out my replay on the 2nd jam track.


Embrace the auto-throttle lol. That’s exactly why I had to switch


I had to switch this week too


That’s it “Bragstud” I’m done​:rage::joy:


Feed Your Goat :joy::joy: