The OFFICIAL Jam Week #176 Duscussion


I doubt it… Rank goes up really quickly if you don’t improve… Don’t think that will be top 50 especially with the times being as close as they are


Wasn’t really thinking but your right. Also There’s about 5000 ppl who havnt even played yet


*50000 :grinning: yeah ranks go down like crazy so insane haha


I missed the big scrub and got the whoops decent. If you can get those whoops SOOO GOOOD your in for a fast time! :joy:

Hey @Bragstad :wink:
@YG_DJAuzzi you haven’t made the picture mate? :wink: Just joking I know your on top :muscle::sweat_smile:


Lol. Now it’s 1500+.

I see you on top. Nice run btw


hahaha always :wink: but yeah man nice run!! Keep it up.


Really liking this 2nd track, them nose wheelies!

Nice design @THR_chykason_NG and @OnTheFrontLine


Good god man! GG!


Okay yeah I’m definitely not getting these tracks down :grimacing::gun:


After going uphill, nose them downhill and step downs on Chy Square. Only your front tire should touch the ground there.


So weird aye dude. at times your front wheel puts out more hp than your back wheel :joy::joy::metal:


Probably my best jam ranks so far.


Finally set an OK time on Flake, that track is seriously tough, I thought it was going to be my Kryptonite for a while.


I seriously can’t do track 2 :weary: always mess up either the nose wheelie or i miss the last scrub before the slowdown :grimacing:


Finally got a run with the nose wheelie and the final scrub on track 2! :grinning:


Damn @THR_Sam27, he went full beast mode this week. I’m right on his ass though.


Dude where’s the switch to beast mode again?! I forgot and i think i turned mine off accidentally a few weeks back :joy::joy::joy: seriously i can’t seem to finish any of my actual good runs lately, always mess up somewhere… And i don’t think i can keep up with you anymore lorky and i don’t like that :joy::joy::joy:


I never got an update with a “beast mode” button only a “suck s*** and deal with it” button :mask::joy::joy:


I accedently turned mine off during pivet and havnt been able to turn it back on I think I broke it. Hope I can fix it for week 177😂


Lmao guys