The OFFICIAL Jam Week #175 Discussion


I have like 2000 attempts on each😂


I’m not even at 2000 combined haha… I do definitely have weeks where i do that too though :grinning:



Wow haha😂 That’s mested up how does this have more attempts than global attempts


I also just seen that there’s 54 in friends but the ranking is 55 how bad could ya be :joy:


Yeah 55 out of 54, thats just sad :joy::joy::joy:


@THR_LorkyMX2 spot on! i’ve been actually wondering the same :thinking:. i think that he had birdshaw to do it for him just so he can qualify, using Birdshaw’s much higher set of skills and superior technical expertise in this game seems to me the only plausible solution.
From where i am standing he doesn’t stand a chance against Braap :joy::joy:


Yeah i tried my hardest i don’t think i can do it :cry:

It’s actually pretty hard to bring up the patience to do it in over 2 minutes :joy::joy::joy: