The OFFICIAL Jam Week #175 Discussion


He had a run going that was ridiculous and the lean decided to stop working right at the end of the second lap… I almost cried for him.


Wow that sucks… So he gave up now? I hate it when controls stop working


I don’t know if he gave up. I would.


Idk what it is but I just gave up this week i set times good enough to stay in division 1 and that’s all


Man that took me out of it big time, haven’t done well sense then, I’ve only played last night, I’ve done alright but nothing’s like that run


Haven’t given up yet jonne, took a few days off but I’ll grind it out today


Do you have a recording of that run? I’m really curious how insane it was :slight_smile:


I do on my YouTube I’ll send a link it’s called, “when leaning decides to quit on me”


Dude :scream::scream::scream: holy fuck that sucks! Was pretty much flawless and then that crap :cry:


Holy in the wtf and such things…!


Oh man I just watched it that was a sick run, I would have been so pissed.


Yeah I was so pissed man, sense that I’ve been out of it😂 I feel into a mini depression


Yeah I was pissed for sure, if I failed on my own I would’ve not been as mad, but sense I couldn’t do anything about it I was super pissed


Hahaha yeah a great run ruined due to sweaty thumbs :pensive: My luck right ahaha


So many runs I’ve messed up on the first line cause of sweaty thumbs or broken controls :worried:


I know the struggle man :pensive: Sucks when it happens


@THR_Dutchman Sorry man but you’re gonna have to unfortunately SUCK IT again :beer::sunglasses::fu:
@THR_LorkyMX2 great run on Pivet :ok_hand:


@JamesA I’m starting to think @THR_Dutchman may have cheated/lied on his qualifications to get into THR, I just can’t see him beating Braap in 2 minutes with the times he has been setting lately.


LMAO good one @THR_LorkyMX2


Me neither man :joy: haven’t done too many attempts (not even 300 on pivet) but that’s still no excuse :joy: you guys have been on fire lately :slight_smile:️ i mean my times have still been top 50 most weeks so i guess I’m not doing THAT bad either :grinning: