The OFFICIAL Jam Week #174 Discussion



Have yall seen this guys time, it looks like his playing the other track if you notice


And he stole nragstads helmet :cold_sweat:




Yeah im pissed


Hahahahahhaahah havent player oso grande But check this out, iluminati confirmed


Lo siento bragstad por eso voy a reprender a mi chico por hacer trampa. Nadie quiere a los tramposos.


Nice hack. I’ll remove his helmet.

Edit. Can’t find it. Need a grown up. @JoeW723

Edit 2. @Bragstad are you positive that guy did not win the World champs?:grinning:


We are looking into it.

@THR_Birdshaw don’t do anything to him yet. I want the devs to take a look first to see if they can figure out what happened.


I’ve seen it on 12 o’clock in carreer the guy like beat everybody by 30 seconds but he sucked it was a glitch but this guy is different I would understan if it happened once like the other guy did, maybe its a glitch. But he stole bragstads helmet, that shows he’s a hacker


I never do. I completely mistook what it was about tho. I thought it was a helmet issue. Turns out He’s another kind of cheater.


how the hell did you see that :joy::joy::joy: all i can say is @THR_Quaid is definitely on to something :dizzy_face::beers:


Hahahaha i was just scrolling through my friends list a bit and something about over 7 minutes didn’t seem quite right :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah you’re right man his run on track 1 is exactly the line of track 2 :thinking:


This is prolly stupid and not right but I found this guy that has the same exact black gear same color bike and the number is the same but backwards 57 and 75 and both have white number plate. could he be the real player behind a hacker account?


I think that’s probably just a coincidence… The real question is how on earth out of over 100000 players do you manage to find exactly someone who’s THAT similar with even the numbers and stuff!!! :scream::scream::scream: do you have some kind of magical powers or something?!! :joy:


Worth a shot. And he actually showed up on jam, racing me and I was like this guy looks very familiar.:joy: