The OFFICIAL Jam Week #174 Discussion


Wake up this morning and im 2 or 3 on my friends board just checked and im 5th guess you all are grinding today ill do my grinding later


@TSR_Mecias_EC :facepunch::sunglasses:


Que bien Elvis, que te aya servido de entrenamiento :slight_smile: voy a intentar bajarlo mas. cuantos intentos


:thinking:and you…?


46 yeah right that’s amazing man!


Top 135 WR time :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hahahahaha @JamesA wtf are you doing man :joy::joy::joy: trying to hold the absolute bottom of the leaderboards?! :joy::joy::joy:


haha i saw this earlier today, he’s probably drunk. as usual.


Nah the drunk one would be tai :joy::joy::joy:


who tf is tai?!?

btw ask your mom if she wants her panties back, she left them at my place


Haha he’s a guy from onthefrontlines stream… And fuck you… Ask your girlfriend the same for me :smirk::wink:


Ok I asked her she said u have a small weewee and u can keep the panties


Well my mom said you required a strap-on… So I’m not gonna feel too bad about my “small weewee” :grinning:


man i have used this popcorn man twice in 2 days haha dont stop lads this “Inhouse bitterness” is gOod for morale :joy::joy: dont stop haha


Dude you need to come hang out at @OnTheFrontLine on twitch man!!! We have these type of “fights” (or just conversations with friendly fire enabled) there all the time :grinning: I’m sure you’ll enjoy it haha


what youve never gotten pegged before? its quite fun


Man i can only come to maybe 2 streams a month due to work, its like 2.30-300 am here when hes live, i have to drive my loader to the outskirts of my worksite so no1 interrupts me lol


While I really enjoy, and am somewhat of an expert in the sort of exchanges that this thread features, I think we need to roll it back a bit starting from tomorrow. I will do my part by not calling @THR_Dutchman a retard right from the getgo.


You guys are killing me this week. Everyone’s time are so fast :grimacing:


Thats bullshit