The OFFICIAL Jam Week #174 Discussion


This muthafuckas got 2222 weeks of premium shit bud pass some over here


Not retarded… simple


And the sentence underneath that part says: once upon a time there was a retard :grinning:


My dad lost his wallet :+1:


I think this should have been posted on random OT small talk not official jam week #174 :joy:


Hahaha well that came out of nowhere :joy::joy::joy: that sucks though man


Ok i admit that It’s just day 2 of jamin😂 But still, I’m happy😀


Dude dutchman I always forget to answer you in versus I click send best time thinking it will let me say something then in like oohshit I screwed up


So sorry man I always forget to reply to your nonsense


Hahaha did i say something stupid again? It’s okay man haha you don’t need to answer :grinning:


I have a question about the world championship


Can I ask it here?




@Murdock_Martins :scream: pense que la había cagado al final anda i now i still leed to improve my time by a lot


@Bragstad on I mean no offense but… On second set of whoops have you skimmed them on back wheel and set your tire down in the last cup in whoops and launched out and tripled out instead of double? I’ve done it once and it seemed pretty fast.


How did u get the speed to do that hahah, fuck it ill try to get it but gonna be hard! Thanks for the heads up👍🏻 Didnt even think of it


I knew it was possible but as far as I got was casing the face instead of clearing it


I hit this by accident once and I’ve been trying again ever since. I was keeping it in the down low hahah



Yeah I kind of did it by accident lol. When you go flying through them on back wheel skipping like 3 or 4 whoops at a time and I just pushed down and it dropped into the cup perfect and I got like a boost scrub off it and it just launched me across them.